Multicultural Greek Council

MGC is a collective group of multicultural and multiethinic fraternities and sororities. Because each chapter is unique, their intake process is as well. Each chapter has different expectations, requirements, and processes for bringing in new members. We recommend you check out each chapter's information and meet them at different events to get to know them and their process. You can also contact for more information about upcoming events!



Interested? Contact the Chapter President for more information!


Chapter President E-mail Social Media
alpha Kappa Delta Phi Inactive  @msuakdphi
Kappa Delta Chi Citlali Soto   @msu_kdchi
Lambda Phi Epsilon Ishan Baweja    @msulphie
Lambda Theta Alpha  Sophie Coon-Wheeler   @lta_epsilonpi
Lambda Theta Phi Jesus Lopez    @msulambdas
Phi Iota Alpha  Kevin Cruz     @msuphiotas
Sigma Lambda Beta Eric Coronado      @slbmsu
Sigma Lambda Gamma Rhian Solomon  @msu_gammas